Satrapia was “a dream of an architect couple”; in other words, it was also our dream. This would be the summary of Satrapia’s background story.
It was a dream started with a charcoal drawing and came true after hardwork made in seven years.

Our dear father Alaattin Turhan who served as a governor of Nevşehir from 2003 to 2006 ended this dignified job in this vicinity due to the age limit.
Based on our mother’s wish and taste, they set up a stone home for themselves reflecting vicinity’s colors.
They created a life in touch with history and culture, alone with nature and far from country life. They created an organic life, so to speak.
We started to “Satrapia” project with a desire to spread this elusive synergy, which was brought in a small Anatolian town, throughout the country and then the world.
For this happen, we worked as hard as bees, as stitching embroidery and raising a child. Now, we came to these days.

We tried to reflect that modest house’s soul on each part of the site. We regarded every detail as our priority so as not to regret not doing it.
We put a high priority on all our guests’ pleasure in a sense of belonging which starts from the moment they step into the hotel until they leave
and accomodation experience that they never met before.

We wish you to enjoy both history and the moment,
to meet in the memories that you feel youself special, relaxing and happy
and to share and maximize this synergy.



TS EN ISO 9001
Quality Management System


TS EN ISO 14001
Environmental Management System

OHSAS 18001
Occupational Health and Safety Management System