• Hotel has an area of 3000 m², including the landscape area and 6 independently located mansions – one of which is Satrapia Mansion, including the restaurant section.
    • Our hotel is ready to serve you with it’s 15 stone and 7 cave rooms throughout the year.

Caria Mansion

      • 4 Suites
      • 3 Deluxe Rooms
      • 4 Superior Rooms
      • Reception

Where does the name come from?  Caria or Karia is the name of the geography in ancient eras, which, today, generally embraces South of the Büyük Menderes River, Northern part of province of Muğla and interior part of the region in Southwestern Anatolia. Formation of the region dates back before ancient greek tribes which colonized in Aegeon coasts in Anatolia. Besides, historians’ commitment to the belief that Carians who created civilization level are the aborigines of Anatolia increases. Caria including the Cappadocia region was one of the biggest and the most developed Satrapies which also had the ultimate level of trading volume of realm during Persian time.

Artaphernes Mansion

      • 3 Superior Rooms
      • 2 Golden Suites

Where does the name come from? Artaphernes was one of the sons of Hystoupan and one of the most important satraps. He was the only satrap known as invincible in that period. He was also one of the most important commanders of Greco-Persian wars and the one drafted into the command of military when the General wounded. Land forces and navy at Artaphernes command set sail for Aegeon Sea to subjugate Kiklad Islands. That force carried out so-called punsihment attacks on Athens and Eretria. After successful navigation in Aegeon Sea, Persian Navy which entered off the coast of Egriboz Island in the middle of summer laid siege to Eretria and conquered it by the end of the siege.

Tissaphernes Mansion

      • 3 Deluxe Rooms
      • 1 Superior Rooms

Where does the name come from?  Tissaphernes was the Persian Satrap who played a significant role in history. He had been attacked by a phrygian who did not abide by the terms of the agreement made with the Greeks and he took refuge in the region known today as Cappadocia. The Persian King feared that his land would be plundered, so he tired to solve this problem by executing satrap Artaserhas II. Even though the Spartans who went forward with their military operation and gained ground in Persian lands, they had to return to their country due to the news of the rebellion that had started against the Spartans.


Sard Home

      • 2 Superior  Rooms
      • 2 Golden Suites

Where does the name come from?  According to the recent history, Sardes was the place that money first printed. Besides, it was the onset of the famous Royal Road in the history. The word “Sard” is derived from Sard region where the stone had been extracted from in archaic age. “Sard” is the name of orange quartz, which had been used as a gemstone for a long time, in Western languages. Extraction of quartz stone and gold is still being continued in here.

Miletus Mansion

      • 1 Deluxe Rooms (Available for disabled guests)
      • 4 Golden Suites
      • Miletos Auditorium

Where does the name come from?  Miletus (Ancient Greek, Latin: Miletus, Turkish: Milet) was an ancient port city on the coast near the mouth of Maeander River (Büyük Menderes River) in the Aegeon Region, in the western Anatolia. According to the Greek works, first settlers had been Carians and Miletus was a Carian city. Miletus including Trabzon, Sinop and Krym on the Black sea coast reached great power status by founding 98 dependant colony cities and turned into the sea emperorship. As Ancient Greece was at the beginning of progress, Miletus was the center in Ionia which had been ruled by satrapy and it became the center of art, science and philosophy in Anatolian coasts. Development in science in Ancient Greek civilization started with the school of Miletus.