High-Tech Meetings in a Historical Atmosphere

  • Miletos Meeting Hall can be arranged as needed and accommodates up to 60 people.
  • As soon as you enter into the room, you will feel the natural and motivational smell of cedar wood which has been used for decorations and on the ceiling.
  • Though the room has a historical atmosphere, it is also equipped with high technology. It includes projection devices and its screen, cooling / heating systems, high-tech surround sound system, white board, LED screen and more.
  • In the multi-purpose meeting room, our guests can spend their time by playing games such as backgammon, rummikub etc. They can also host special events like kareoke night, movie premiere or parties.
  • Miletos Meeting Hall offers you an unforgettable meeting and organization through its great atmosphere.


      • 34 People


      • 35 People

Miletos Meeting Hall can be arranged for 40 people in a Classroom Formation.

For Detailed Information and Reservation Please CONTACT US.