A “Magical” Welcome…

First Step

Entrance to the world of Satrapia and just the beginning of the journey.

Catering Table

A catering table with full of surprises. It is free for you any hour of the day.

24/7 Reception

You will be fascinated with a Piri Reis map on the ceiling, a pictorial carpet narrating Great Wall of China in the reception. On the other hand, our people-oriented reception staff will provide you complete services including an airport shuttle, a butler, currency exchange and a wake-up call. 

Lobby Bar

Our floor heating, warm lobby bar pledges you to have joyful moments through its large flat broadcast screen, snack menu, domestic and foreign spirits and soul-pleasing music.   




Resting and Joy Corners

Michelangelo Corner

You can pick a book from the library which holds rich resources and read it as you are drinking your coffee beneath the Michelangelo’s work, “The Creation of Adam”.

Cappadocia Corner

The special flood-lighted story of Cappadocia has been reflected on the miniature of Cappadocia, Miniacappadocia which has been placed below a glass floor and die stamping symbols on the columns. 

Piano Corner

If you would like to be close to melodies closing your eyes, you will never want to leave your comfortable red seat.  

Ortahisar Corner

It is for the small breaks to rest and wait, which is situated in front of a special wall treatment describing Ortahisar, accompanied by freshly brewed tea and hot cookies.