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Cave Suite

It is known that natural rock stones have positive effects on people. They accumulate energy vibration on themselves, which creates positive effect on people on whom they distributed that energy.

You will feel that positive effect as you first step into our Cave Rooms. Besides, you will find a practical room built carefully around the natural stone walls and ceilings with their organic states, a jacuzzi offering an unforgettable experience and a door opening into the garden through its natural balcony.

You are invited to a tale…

Complimentary Services

  • 23 products of Deluxe Room Amenities
  • 7 / 24 Concierge Service
  • Bathrobe/Slippers/Hair Dryer
  • LED TV with built-in satellite receiver
  • Extension Phone
  • Central Heating
  • Safe Box
  • Floor Heating
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