Satrapia’s Name Story: How did it arise?

Satrapy is a name given to administrative units or states in which country’s lands are divided in Iranic Islamic Civilisation or a system called as Persians’ governorship appointments. Persian Empire was ruled by Absolute Monarchy. Persian emperor had unlimited authority and his wishes accepted as law. Country was divided into the states named as satrapy. Satrapies were governed by people called as satrap and elected among Persian nobles. System developed by Darius I had been used in the year 340 B.C. Persians built these satrapies in order to rule the lands extending across Aegean Sea to India. One of the most rarities left from those days is Satrapy Management. Back then all the region ruled by satrapy is stil under satrapy supremacy. Only difference is the fact that its contemporary name is “governorship”.

As we stated in “about us” section, satrapy is also point of origin of hotel’s story.

As a result of the studies conducted on making the modest house of the former Nevşehir Governor Mr. Alaattin Turhan and his wife and its field more livable, it was reached 10 rooms in total including natural life stones. This number has been the first step in the process of creation of an hotel in the region.

Passing years and huge endeavors made on the hotel resulted in 29-roomed establishment which spread over 3000 square metres of land and in which all technological facilities are integrated into its natural state.

Rise of “Satrapia”